Who We are

We are a group of individuals working together to keep a tight niche car community together and on the road. We strive to offer solutions, information and parts to anyone in any situation. Someone starting out with a small budget reviving a dream car, to someone who has been around for 35 years that simply needs a hand finishing off a repair.


Our Strategy

Our goal is to operate similarly to a non-profit. With everyone’s help and contributions, we look to keep the community moving forward. We are looking for your donations both in parts and time. That old part on your shelf can be the difference of a car being parked for another year or getting it running. We are asking that you consider donating that part, or if you may be seeking a part – keep in mind we are a source for parts, mostly by donation.  Any proceeds from your part donation or purchase will be funneled back into one of the following:



Charity Builds

Tyler’s Toy, Collin’s Build are two great examples of what makes this community great. We want to help out in every one we can. Information, parts, hands, and supplies are all ways we hope to contribute.


Event Sponsorships

Running an successful event can be expensive, we hope to offset that with event sponsorships. Awards, food, goodie bags are all things we hope to contribute to your clubs event.


Product Development

Parts manufactures have dwindled over the last 37 years with few vendors still supplying and developing parts to keep these cars on the road. We hope to help off-set cost on development of parts to keep our cars on the road. 


On The Road Again

Everyone’s situation is different but one thing we know is having a functioning car is a priority. We aim to keep anyone in tough position on the road. That may be meeting up and making a repair to just supplying a replacement ICM.

So Welcome

Check out some of our articles and visit the store. If you would like to contribute or have any questions feel free to contact us.